The best holiday ever can be organized in Sharm El Sheikh. This is why numerous ‎travelers especially from Europe, because of the short distance, fly directly to the ‎Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to enjoy the most fascinating time in one of ‎the finest resorts all over the globe. ‎

Sharm El Sheikh is considered to be among the most charming picturesque ‎destinations in the world with its great mountains that take the color of iron and ‎manganese forming breathtaking scenes.‎

Here are some of the charming city's scenes:-

Al Sahaba Mosque

Tourists have found this mosque to be a unique spot and started gathering around it for photography.

Al Sahaba Mosque of Sharm el Sheikh is made using Ottoman architecture. It is considered the most important mosque built within the decade.

The mosque is a very good representation of Islamic architecture in the new Era. Designed by Egyptian architect Foad Tawfeek and built by the Egyptian Army.

Built on ¾ acre between the sea and the mountains, with two minarets, each ¾ kilometers high, and numerous domes. It can hold up to 3,000 worshippers. It has thirty-six bathrooms. It also boasts a service area and a library with books in several languages, as well as two imams - an English speaker and a French speaker.

OLD Market

What a place! Once you step into the old market, all you will see is shop after shop after shop, narrow streets and alleyways with more and more shops, usually selling Sinai and Egypt related souvenirs.

The so-called old market, is really a rather new market placed in the area of old Sharm el-Sheikh. Still, the houses here were built a few decades ago, and correspond to the typical style of Egypt. The whole thing is far more genuine than what you may expect at a design-made tourist resort like Sharm el-Sheikh. The taste and the prices cant better! Once you have eaten and the sweet tooth in you has awakened what better than fresh fruits? Here too, you will find fruit stalls that sell the best quality fruits in Sharm.  

Sharm El-Sheikh international airport

The Sharm El-Sheikh international airport is considered to be the second (after Cairo) major airport in Egypt. The airport has approximately 10 million passenger traffic yearly. The airport is located in the heart of the resort area just near the Red Sea coast.

Airport Location
The airport is located in 18 kilometers (11 miles) northeast from the city of Sharm El Sheikh. The airport serves for the major recreation area of Egypt including dozens of hotels along the seaside.

SOHO Square – Shopping and restaurants

Soho Square are located close to Savoy Hotel in White Knight Beach. Just a short taxi trip from Naama Bay, Hadaba or Sharks Bay.

The area has many attractions, for instance:

• Five good restaurants
• Africa’s first Ice Bar
• Nightclub
• Casino
• Bowling alley
• Tennis and squash courts
• Ice rink – iceskating. Fun for the children, and mom/dad can show their figure skating skills!
• Culturama
• Coffee bars

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